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azra F. May 20, 2016 506 views
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Ashley H. May 22, 2016 446 views
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Shadiah M. May 23, 2016 462 views

Which schools are the best for ultrasound?

I've already made my decision and I'm happy with it, but I want to hear some other opinions and where other people have gone. #college #university #ultrasound #higher-education #science...


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kara H. May 24, 2016 373 views

What steps do I need to take to become a pediatrician?

I'm unsure of the classes I should take on college. #college #career #healthcare #pediatrics...


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Alexandra B. Oct 13, 2017 420 views

With a degree in Musical Theatre, what jobs have people gone on to pursue?

I am applying to Musical Theatre programs across the country, but am not sure that I want to pursue the life of a performer. What else can I do? #musical-theatre #career-path #music #college #college-major...


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Sarah W. Jan 21, 2018 342 views

Is it better to take AP or Honors courses?

I have consistently been receiving B's in AP Chemistry, and for future reference, is it better to take an Honors Course and receive an A, or an AP Course and receive a B? I know colleges love AP courses, but is it worth it to sacrifice hours in an AP class I am not particularly interested in...

#college-admissions #apclasses