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Betsy Orton

Executive Director at The Dickey Foundation
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Dallas, Texas
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Rachael’s Avatar
Rachael Mar 26, 2020 748 views

What direction should I take, I'm great at comms and work with refugees and LGTBQ seniors

my BA is in International Relations. I have volunteered in 8 refugee camps in Greece with Syrian and Iraqi refugees. This work was perfect because I was in charge of comms state-side and worked on the ground in Greece, accessing needs, mitigating issues, and being surrounded by people and a...

Addison’s Avatar
Addison Sep 09, 2019 508 views

Are there any negatives to your job?

I’m a senior at Brennan HS and I’m looking to follow a career path in Sports Medicine and Sports Rehabilitation. #athletictrainer #physicaltherapy

Isaiah’s Avatar
Isaiah Aug 31, 2018 489 views

How do you find the balance between social life and study time?

My freshman year, I tended to socialize a little too much and get distracted from my work. How do I #work improve my study habits?

Azia’s Avatar
Azia Sep 13, 2018 626 views

I want to change my major, I’m wondering whether to major in English and minor in Psychology or vice versa. Any advice would be most welcome. Which would provide me with more career options?

I’m currently pursuing #college-major #psychology a BS with my major being in biology. I love science or I wouldn’t have chosen it to begin with and I’ve completed two years but I’m an avid reader and I find so much joy in that and the working of the mind. I enjoy having people talk to me and...

Amber’s Avatar
Amber May 28, 2018 858 views

What types of jobs can come from studying Communications?

I’m curious as to what different kinds of jobs can come from studying communications in college. #communications #college

Bri’s Avatar
Bri Apr 12, 2018 719 views

What do I need to do to own my own daycare?

One day I want to make a day care that is more convenient for parents who works nights, my mom does work nights and i know how difficult it is for her and me so I want to design something for parents with night shift jobs, along will just a regular during the day daycare. #career

Thomas’s Avatar
Thomas Mar 27, 2018 778 views

What majors are going to be most wanted in the future?

Still #undecided on major.
#college-major #career

ashanti’s Avatar
ashanti Apr 03, 2018 555 views

when getting interviewed was there a attitude that the employer was looking for?

what kind of attitude dose the employer look for? #heo

Zaire ’s Avatar
Zaire Aug 22, 2016 1388 views

Is there a limit to how many colleges i can apply to.

Not sure how many colleges in going to apply to but id like to know the maximum number (if there is one)before hand. #college

Tazmia’s Avatar
Tazmia May 25, 2016 806 views

My career question is what are the risk of going to an out-of-state 4 year college with having a mother back at home that's diagnosed with epilepsy?

Since 2012 my mother have been diagnosed with epilepsy. Its the worst feeling to see the most important person in your life in need of help and you cant help them. Every since then me and my mother grew close and I have been the mother of the house because I'm the oldest out of three children (...

Cassie’s Avatar
Cassie Sep 01, 2017 917 views

During the first year of college do we have to take general classes?

I am curious as to why we would have to do this after taking high school courses. #goingtocollegenextyear #college

Talise’s Avatar
Talise Jan 18, 2018 648 views

Is it worth it to go to a more expensive college? Do employers care about that?

It feels irresponsible to go to a more "prestigious" school that costs three times as much money if it wouldn't look much better on an application. #collegedecisions

Norris’s Avatar
Norris Jan 23, 2018 714 views

How to be successful in college with a 4.0.

Because I want to learn as much as I can in college so i can become successful and talk about everything I learned so people can know how amazing learning is.#collegesuccess