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SebastianOppNet2017 . Jan 24, 2012 2686 views

What are some majors that are required (or recommended) in order to become a successful accountant?

I have been interested in Business, Finance and most importantly Accounting. I am asking this question because I was always curious on what specific majors are required. I don't know if this varies depending on the type of accountant but I would like to know of the majors that would cover most...

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Catherine J. Jan 19, 2018 183 views

Is a college education better than being in the arm forces?

If putting my family in a bind to pay for college for me then my second option will be joining the arm...


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Samantha B. Jan 20, 2018 348 views

Do I have to know what career I want my freshman year of college?

I have decided on a major but have not quite decided on a career yet. #psychology...


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Samira Z. Jan 22, 2018 387 views

How do you choose a career?

How do you choose a career?...


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Yuritzi M. Jan 22, 2018 336 views

Is it better to study a career that pays you more money, or a career that you actually enjoy?

The reason for this question is because this is the question I hear the most, because many people tell me that you won't go anywhere if you study what you "enjoy" and or "love" if it doesn't give you a decent amount of money, and I also hear that if you work in a career that gives you a lot of...


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Charlotte A. Jan 22, 2018 318 views

How can you start a career without going to college?

I'm asking this because I'm skeptical about going to a UC. I am going to community college because my dad wants me to because we are broke. But I don't know if I want to continue to go to school after that, and I want to know how I can get a good career that pays good money without going to...

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Iyiana L. Jan 22, 2018 260 views

How hard do you need to work to get into an ivy league school?

I've been wanting to get into Stanford or Harvard but I don't know how hard you must work to get and be accepted to these schools. I know they are much more harder to get in but I want to fulfill my dream and achieve these goals I set for myself. #college-recruiting...


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Joi I. Jan 23, 2018 391 views

What is the best way to stay in contact with co-workers after an internship?

I currently have an internship in Ohio but my school and permanent address is in New Jersey. The people here are good people and might help me in the future. I want to maintain some contact so the opportunity doesn't disappear. What is the best way to maintain contact even when I get busier in...

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