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Tyler Nesbitt

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Kendra May 30, 2018 816 views

What is the best way to take notes in a class?

#courses #notes

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Zurie May 31, 2018 712 views

How can I properly be financially literate after my post-secondary education?

I'm going to be a student aiming to achieve a medical degree, but to do that I'll have to take out a couple of loans down the road. I'm not sure as to how I can handle money the right way with the burden of student loans after college because I have not bee taught as to how to do it while...

Ryan’s Avatar
Ryan Apr 19, 2018 655 views

How do you apply for colleges?

During senior year, what is the process for applying to colleges? A lot of the deadlines for applying is in November, but that is before the first semester of your senior year is done, so would your grades from that year not matter than?

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Victoriahna Jan 16, 2018 854 views

How do you know what classes to take for a college major?

I will be in college in a few years, and i don't want to pay for classes I don't need. #academic-advising #college-major #scheduling #college

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Kara Mar 17, 2018 633 views

How does being waitlisted for a college work?

I recently got waitlisted to UCLA and admitted to UCSD. Should I accept my position on the waitlist for UCLA? Am I able to be on the waitlist for UCLA while also accepting the admission to UCSD in case I do not end up being accepted to UCLA?