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Fanwood, New Jersey
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Is currently interested in becoming a biomedical engineer.



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Kristen Jul 10, 2018 755 views

What types of extracurricular activities are colleges most interested in?

Are they more interested in group activities like marching band or a sports team? Or are they more interested in academic organizations like student government, FBLA, or SMAC (Student Movement Against Cancer)? Is work experience, like teaching piano lessons, equally as important or more...

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Kristen Jul 10, 2018 719 views

What colleges are best to apply to for a biomedical engineering major?

My current list of colleges that I'm thinking of applying to is as follows: "Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Duke, Johns Hopkins, Cornell, Brown, Georgia Tech, University of Michigan, Lehigh University, Northwestern, Vanderbilt, Penn State, University of Pittsburgh" Any college I should add? Or take...

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Kristen May 26, 2018 734 views

What is the most efficient way to study for finals?

Note cards? Practice tests? Studying from the textbook? Are there any resources that you recommend I take a look at that provide great ways to study for certain subjects? #finals #study

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Kristen May 26, 2018 1784 views

Is biomedical engineering a good major for the future, regarding job opportunities?

How does the salary of a biomedical engineer compare to other professions? Flexibility of work hours? Stability of the job? #job-market #major #college-majors #engineering #biology #biomedical #biomedical-engineering