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Fanwood, New Jersey

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Celso’s Avatar
Celso 1 hour ago

Does buying a computer be called a job?

I'm very passionate about it, but among them, building computers is my favorite because I enjoy putting things together. However, I'm worried that nowadays almost anyone can build a computer by themselves and without their assistance

Celso’s Avatar
Celso 1 hour ago

what do need to do to get a degree on computer science?

in 2-3 years I'm going to graduate highschool and I want to get a degree for computer science

Meghan’s Avatar
Meghan 16 hours ago 13 views

what should not be included in a college essay?

I keep seeing videos of what not to include is college essays what do you think is important

AARON’s Avatar
AARON 16 hours ago 25 views

How do I volunteer for a job I am interested in having later on?

I would like to become an EMS worker

AARON’s Avatar
AARON 16 hours ago 28 views

How do I volunteer for a job I would like to have later on?

career coaching, non profit organizations, career search, community service

Breyanna’s Avatar
Breyanna 17 hours ago 21 views

What steps do I take to get where I want to be?

Childhood education

Jenise’s Avatar
Jenise yesterday 59 views

How do I know if I should stay in college?

I just finished my first semester of college and I was really struggling a lot that I am not sure that I want to continue. My gpa is not the best and I really don't have motivation to be there but I am very interested in my chosen field and I want to pursue this but I'm just not sure if...

Reanna’s Avatar
Reanna yesterday 44 views

What are the best ways to get into the amusement/ entertainment industry?

I've always had an interest in working with amusement/theme parks like Disney, Cedar Point, and Six Flags. I would love to be able to give my ideas an input on how we could always reimagine the parks and keep business afloat. If anyone has any ideas on how I can reach this goal I'd be a open...

Shelly’s Avatar
Shelly yesterday 22 views

How can I go further in my career?

To go further in your career you can ask your supervisors or co-workers for tips that can make you a better worker. You can also sit back and think about your own actions, and ask yourself, ''what can I do better?''

Moni’s Avatar
Moni yesterday 26 views

How do I manage both school and work?

I'm a student and hoping to be able to work over this summer but my school keeps roping in new possible things to do, some of which are being labeled as mandatory. I need work experience though. What should I do?

Ayla’s Avatar
Ayla 2 days ago 75 views

How do I find my first job?

Where to apply, how to apply, advice on finding internships that fit my career goal.

Mariam’s Avatar
Mariam 2 days ago 42 views

What are the ups and downs about being a nurse ?

Interested in becoming a nurse

Mariam’s Avatar
Mariam 2 days ago 39 views

Which career fits best in helping and taking care of people What steps do you need to take in order to achieve the goal of entering this career??

Middle school student that loves to help out the community.

Isabell’s Avatar
Isabell 2 days ago 59 views

How do you really know what major you belong in?

I am currently a 17-year-old in 11th grade and I have this strong feeling about working in early childhood education because I love to be with little kids and want to be an impact on their lives as they grow up. I want to teach them the basic stuff that leads them into becoming their own...

armani’s Avatar
armani 2 days ago 15 views

How do I start my goals for college or a vocational program?

I really don't know what to do after High School?
How do I start looking into programs that help me be successful?

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