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Autumn J. Mar 31, 2017 567 views

How should I decide a major/career path?

I'm interested in multiple careers paths and I can't decide on which one I should do #computer-science #college-major #computer #criminal-justice #careers #astronomy...


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Luz B. Jan 22, 2018 385 views

What is a good Career that could pay you great amount of money?

I want a career that doesn't take so long like a Doctor or a Lawyer, i honestly think college is pointless and a waste of time like during the 4 years that you attend you can honestly make a lot of money without going to college #careers...


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Emily L. Mar 21, 2018 180 views

Strengths & Possible Careers/ Industries

If my strengths are being a multitasker and energetic/ positive person, what types of careers or industries might best fit me?...


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ashanti R. Apr 05, 2018 337 views

When in a position of higher importance are you are held to different standards?

What are some standards you are held by ,and why? #career #work-ethic...


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Lillianna B. Jun 27, 2018 248 views
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David C. Apr 26, 2019 168 views