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Rachel Dec 02, 2016 748 views

How vital is it to get to know my professors who are outside my area of interest?

I am a freshman who wants to study biology, but I also take classes that are not in the field of science (history and english). Should I try to make connections with those professors that are not within my major? #college #professors #connections

Jewish’s Avatar
Jewish Jun 26, 2015 1207 views

how to be a good computer engineer

i want to know how to be a good computer engineer and i want to know what class should i take for high school #engineer #computer #game-design #gamer

Jose’s Avatar
Jose Mar 23, 2015 724 views

On a day to day basis how does a day of a techinical engineer go?

I'm interested in becoming a technical engineer but I'm curious of what it feels to be one a daily basis. So if I can get a job description of what it is to be one.

Benjamin’s Avatar
Benjamin May 18, 2015 971 views

What types of internships look good to the United States Naval Academy?

I want to attend the Academy and I am in the 10th grade. #internships #military #navy

Katie’s Avatar
Katie Jun 05, 2015 1824 views

What kind of careers can I get in the technology field?

I am in 9th grade and I have a tech class that I like a lot. I was thinking about careers and wanted to know what kind of careers there are in that field. I am good with computers and I have 8 Microsoft certifications. #technology #tech