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New York, New York
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Trisha Apr 25, 2018 616 views

What are the benefits according to future employers of studying abroad?

I am currently looking at a study abroad program which involves my specific major(Pharmacy), however, I am worried that not taking the rigorous classes on campus would make me less attractive to future employers.
#future #student #pharmacy #study-abroad #medicine #college

Leif Jade’s Avatar
Leif Jade Aug 22, 2018 674 views

After graduating college, what is the best way to get a job relating to your degree?

#first-job #jobs #job-search

Emily’s Avatar
Emily Oct 27, 2018 548 views

What are some good jobs or majors that would be good for someone who likes organizing?

#job-search #major

Elizabeth’s Avatar
Elizabeth Jan 26, 2018 1055 views

What kind of attire should I wear to an interview? A dress or formal shirt and pants?

Don't know what people in a interview would find more like-able as for style.
#interview #formal #pants #clothes

Quasin’s Avatar
Quasin Apr 10, 2019 2462 views

How often do you travel for work?

#travelingchef #career #travel

Alejandra’s Avatar
Alejandra May 03, 2019 844 views

What are some job options that include traveling?

#travel #career #careeroptions #money