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David D. Sep 06, 2019 132 views

Did you get your MBA or did startups and learn from experiences?

I am a senior student at Brennan High school. I’m looking to get my MBA so that I can learn more about business. I want to own and run my own businesses. I want to be my own boss and have freedom. #business #entrepreneur #finance...


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Aun M. Feb 23 411 views

Is working at a FAANG company in Silicon Valley really worth it? Will the expenses incurred make the job seem much more unreasonable?

As a 10th grader, my dream is to eventually work at a FAANG company (maybe in silicon valley). Recently, however, I've been looking at articles and videos which claim that the expenses one incurs make living there very unreasonable. Some say that it is better to work at a company in a state...

#career #job-search #job #technology

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Aun M. Feb 23 346 views

What are your thoughts on LinkedIn for high school students? Do you recommend it?

I've already done quite a bit of research on this topic, and have found that most professionals advocate for high school students to have one to increase their digital footprint (positively). I still want to hear more input from professionals, and what they think! Just to put into perspective,...

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Aun M. Mar 13 205 views

To What Extent Does the Prestige or Brand Name Affect an Aspiring engineer Looking For a Position At a Fortune 500 Company?

I've heard over and over again on how there are certain target schools such as Stanford, Waterloo, Harvard, Berkeley and others that are really beneficial in obtaining an internship quite efficiently. What I haven't heard many talks about is how this brand name would affect you when applying...

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