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Alagusundaram Sockalingam

Cisco systems
Computer and Mathematical Occupations
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
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Dante Sep 13, 2019 429 views

What do you need to start your own restaurant?


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Abner Mar 04, 2019 886 views

So what is a typical day like for you?

Are you hard worker?
Do you do any extracurricular activities?
Any useful hobbies or skills you might have or partake in?
Are you ok with waking up early or staying late?

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Jordan May 28, 2019 950 views

What does a biotechnologist do?

#biology #science #biotech #biotechnology

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Jacqueline Feb 09, 2018 955 views

My goal is to become a network specialist

Go to college
Get my degree
Get a job

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Emmanuel Apr 04, 2018 701 views

what do you need to do to become a technician?

i like to go in depth with a phone and fix it #apple-macintosh #technology #technician #engineering