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Christina L. Sep 27, 2019 161 views

What Did you to to motivate yourself to keep going when things went all haywire

I'm a senior at Brennan High school and i am interested in the medical field (Physical therapy) and i would like to know more about the process of becoming a physical therapist. #physical-therapist #physical-therapy #therapy...


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Chastity V. Jan 09, 2020 769 views

If I want to become a pediatrician, what classes should I take in highschool?

My name is Chastity V. and my goal in life is to become a pediatrician. I am doing research about pediatricians and have a lot of unanswered questions. I hope this website will help me--I hope you will be able to help me. #pediatrician #doctor #pediatrics #medicine...


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Skyla T. Jan 27, 2020 210 views

What was most challenging about becoming A Pharmacy Technician?

HI my name is Skyla, I"m going to school to be a Pharmacy Technician and I've heard a lot of ups and downs being in that field such as remembering the Medicines names as well as dose age but I've also heard that it is very rewarding when it comes to knowledge about math and knowing some medical...

#pharmacy #medicine #pharmacist

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Marlene U. Jan 28, 2020 265 views

What does your daily schedule consist of?

As a General Pediatrician, what do you typically do on a daily basis? Are most days pretty crazy or very relaxed? Is it pretty routine or do things change based on the day? etc. #doctor #healthcare #medicine #medical #generalpediatrician #schedule #daily...