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Vicki Enderby, CPCU ARe

Financial Services - Insurance - Technology
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Ocala, Florida
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McKenzie’s Avatar
McKenzie Feb 09, 2023 1145 views

How can I reach my goals?

I want to reach my goals for my career but I'm not sure how to get there. My goals are:
-decide on a profession
-Going to college
-getting a good career
-make money
-Succeed in whatever profession i do
Any tips to help me?

kayliann’s Avatar
kayliann Sep 28, 2021 4038 views

Why do you enjoy working with computers and technology?

I’m interested in coding and computer technology. #computer #technology #programming #computer-engineering

Tamra’s Avatar
Tamra Feb 26, 2020 1333 views

test about personality

I heard there was a free test to take about your personality and interests to help you decide upon a career but I don't know the name. #undecided #career-exploration #career-counseling

ashley’s Avatar
ashley Jan 24, 2020 897 views

How do i find a college or university that is best for me?

#college #university #college-advice #college-admissions