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Elizabeth V. Aug 27, 2019 158 views

What are things I should consider before choosing to be in the Health Career ?

At school, I am most interested in anatomy and math, while my hobbies include reading and watching medical tv shows I find them so interesting and I know that its not like that in the real life but helping people is what I really like to do . A topic that I am passionate about is medical field...

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Max F. Dec 06, 2019 181 views

Medical Field with a business degree?

I am expected to graduate in May of 2020 with a bachelor's in Integrated Business. I am at a loss for the business world and don't feel challenged at all. I was considering maybe switching up to a career in the medical field. I was looking into Pharmacy or maybe becoming a PA? I know this all...

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Isaiah H. Jan 27, 2020 128 views

What specific steps should I take in order to become involved in a career specializing in diabetes?

My name is Isaiah. I am a Chicago Job Corps Student. I am currently training in the field of Certified Nursing Assistant. I have been a type 1 diabetic since I was 16 months old. When I was little, I was not granted the opportunity to work with different healthcare professionals, mentors,...

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Marlene U. Feb 03, 2020 184 views

What courses should I take in college? How should I prepare for med school?

I'm currently at job corps for CNA training, but I'm working towards becoming a General Pediatrician in the future. Looking for advice of the best paths to take to becoming a General Pediatrician. I'm aware of the long journey ahead of me, but I'm also willing to work hard to get there. Any...

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Mariam A. Feb 12, 2020 207 views

How do I get the opportunity to shadow someone?

I want to shadow a physician assistant, nurse practitioner, dieticians, and registered nurse (and maybe even a therapist). How do I do that? If anyone is one of the professions in Chicago please let me know if I can shadow you! Also are there any internships in the medical field! Thank you!...

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