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Protective Service Occupations - Military Specific Occupations
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Jason Feb 23, 2021 501 views

I don't know exactly what i want to do. At first i felt like i wanted to do something in law, that also may partain to psychology but then i wanted to maybe do something in politics.

I am a very pesistant person. I always push for what i want or need. I want the best for people and help the greater good. I do feel as though we need more morally right people in this world and i want to be that person. Any way I can if thats with doing law or politics or something else for...

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Renne Jan 11, 2018 964 views

What should I do in order to work with the FBI? #FBI

I am really interested in becoming a special agent and would like to know how one becomes one. I am wondering how many years of college I should do and I am wondering where I should go. I am willing to go out of California, but have no idea if the FBI looks at the state your college is in....

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Sonia Mar 05, 2019 477 views

What are some jobs I can get with a degree in criminal justice?

I want to know what my options are if i choose to major in criminal justice . #criminal-justice #criminology

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Trinity Feb 04, 2020 511 views

Any classes you had taken in criminal justice? Any classes you believe you should of taken?

#criminal-justice #college #criminology

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Dalillah Oct 08, 2019 535 views

How much do you enjoy your job?


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Omar Oct 03, 2019 1173 views

Are there too many or too few people in the field of criminal investigating?

#robertolozano #interested #criminology #criminal-justice #law

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Omar Oct 03, 2019 711 views

What is the most challenging thing about being a criminal investigator?

#robertolozano #interested #criminology #criminal-justice #law