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Jenny Z. Apr 27, 2018 371 views

How can beginner leaders strengthen their skills and qualities needed for their position?

I am interested on taking leadership roles but I am still not confident enough and lack necessary skills. I want to take on more opportunities and learn to communicate better and be more connected with others. #leader...


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Valeria S. Aug 27, 2018 475 views

Is Graphic Design a good career choice?

I keep getting different opinions on it, and I would like to know more. #graphic #graphic-design #logo-design...


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Cassandra P. Sep 05, 2019 151 views
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Vincent A. Sep 27, 2019 164 views

How long did it take to become a successful graphic designer?

I am a high school student and I would like to know about how long would it be before I start to become a successful graphic designer or at least finish a couple of designs for customers? #graphic-design...