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A B. May 21, 2016 1817 views

What impacts does studying abroad have on your career?

I want to study abroad while pursuing my Master's degree in Accounting and Finance and I am considering earning my masters degree abroad- studying for about two years in another country. Will studying abroad/earning a degree abroad in the business field affect my opportunities of pursuing a...

accounting study-abroad masters degree finance career

Gianna R.’s Avatar
Gianna R. Jul 27, 2019 369 views

What is investment banking like

Hi, I am a Finance major and i am interested in a career in investment banking. I know a lot about the culture, but just don't have a clear understanding of what it is actually like to work for an investment bank. Also, if i don't go to a target school, do I even have a shot? & what is it...

finance business money-management investment-management investment-banking

Tsz Ho Y.’s Avatar
Tsz Ho Y. Feb 13, 2020 328 views

What field can I work in after studying Economics and Finance?

I am a penultimate year student and am finding graduation job. It seems that everyone is only aiming for the banking industry or maybe some investment firms. Is there any other obtions? finance business economics...


Dimitar N.’s Avatar
Dimitar N. Mar 16, 2020 795 views

What are your thoughts on working in the banking industry?

I am an economics student looking to connect with professionals in domaind such as banking, business and finance business finance...