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Jared H. Apr 22, 2020 395 views

What does a day in the life of an engineer look like?

I have always been passionate about engineering, but I want to see if the daily work done by an engineer would match my personalities and strengths.
#engineering #engineer #science

Noah F.’s Avatar
Noah F. Apr 22, 2020 444 views

what hours do Mechanical Engineers have


Rainer R.’s Avatar
Rainer R. Apr 17, 2020 484 views

Is it possible to be a good mechatronics engineer?

I am thinking if it is possible to be well versed in Computer Science, Electrical and electronics engineering and mechanical engineering and are there job roles involving all of these? #engineering #engineer #computer #electrical-engineering #mechanical #mechanics

Manoach B.’s Avatar
Manoach B. Mar 24, 2020 345 views

How do I approach the job search better?

I recently graduated college with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. I haven't bee able to land a job despite a good GPA and a good range of skills in CAD design and programming. I never got the chance to work an internship as I was taking summer classes. I have sent several applications and...

Clayton B.’s Avatar
Clayton B. Mar 16, 2020 336 views

What are the highest paying areas in america for automotive engineering.

#engineering #automotive #cars #mechanic