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Dan Lenahan

HR Consultant
Business and Financial Operations Occupations - Office and Administrative Support Occupations
Rochester, New York
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Elizabeth Feb 28, 2019 844 views

What jobs pay very well? :)

#career #job #money

Tiffanie’s Avatar
Tiffanie Jul 13, 2016 1515 views

What is a good way to get jobs?

Most jobs are now accepting applications online, so you don't go in person and ask for an interview. Is there another way that gives you a higher chance of getting the job you want? How did you get the jobs you have? #career #money #job

Samiya’s Avatar
Samiya Nov 01, 2021 493 views

What job seems best for me

I’m a person who is really good with people but doesn’t like people and I really like money and is very good a communicating #money #career #job

Olwethu’s Avatar
Olwethu Feb 07, 2021 418 views

Can I get a weekend job

I'm a flexible person, I work hard I take time with what I do Yess I know I'm still young but I really need a job I have a baby that I need to support I only live wit my granny my parents past away I'm begging yall to give me this job #job

AngelMari’s Avatar
AngelMari Mar 03, 2021 515 views

What job title is for nurse

Nursing please #job-search

Ngan’s Avatar
Ngan Mar 11, 2021 440 views

How to become a good nurse?

#job #career

Johnuell’s Avatar
Johnuell Mar 07, 2021 463 views

Can i find a parttime job


Katarina’s Avatar
Katarina Feb 24, 2021 442 views

How was the application and college process?

I´m a junior in high school and I´m still trying to figure out what I want to do in college and what colleges to go to. #high-school #job #major

Derrick’s Avatar
Derrick Feb 25, 2021 593 views

what should i do if my dream job requires significant luck, should I pursue my dreams or should I play it safe

#first-job #job #salary

Gabriel’s Avatar
Gabriel Aug 07, 2019 419 views

Should I work for a Union or a Company ?


Cecilia’s Avatar
Cecilia Mar 27, 2020 1047 views

What’s the best career decision you made?

My best career decision I’ve made was getting involved with elderly people (residents) as a cna. #career-path