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frank J. Oct 30, 2019 205 views

what do you like most about you're job

#career-path #career I'm not sure about the career path I have chosen I like working on car but I feel like the pay wont be as well...

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Murtaza H. Apr 05, 2020 612 views

What is your definition of failure?

I have seen people struggle in different ways based on the task or project we take up. Does that mean we all struggle in the same way?...


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mariana F. Apr 08, 2020 274 views

How can I find t jobs and careers are right for me?

I am a very extroverted person who loves meeting, talking-to, and listening to other people and their stories. In the past I have considered majoring in psychology but had trouble finding a fitting career. Though I am good at publically speaking, I thrive more in mathematics then in English....

#career-counseling #career-path #career-choice

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Za'Yana C. Apr 09, 2020 350 views