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hailey Oct 02, 2019 395 views

is it ever tiring being a therpist

#therapist #therapy

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Jess Apr 24, 2020 446 views

Where to look for jobs involving health and wellness or sport and children?

I am a graduating college senior from Gordon College. I study business administration and recreation, sport, and wellness. I am a 4 year varsity basketball player at school as well. I am looking for a position involving children, health and wellness or sport, and I also have been interested in...

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Saci Apr 08, 2020 398 views

What major is best for becoming a rehabilitation psychologist?

I am interested in becoming a rehabilitation psychologist (working with people with learning and/or physical disabilities). However, I am unclear if a degree in social work or a degree in psychology is best for creating a path to my goal. I know you it seems like psych is the answer, but...