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Fontana, California

Within 40 mile radius
SphillipsNFTEAM’s Avatar
SphillipsNFTEAM Jan 20, 2012 2058 views

How did you decide e steps that you needed to peruse your passion of music?

I'm a soft more in high school and I want to peruse a career in music . I actually want to become a music producer because I love music . I also love to create avesta so this is the kind of job I would want to persue. #music

Joannacodman2’s Avatar
Joannacodman2 Jan 19, 2012 1464 views

What are good traits of a actor/actress??

Does becoming an actor/actress change how you feel on different perspective you had before

Joannacodman2’s Avatar
Joannacodman2 Jan 06, 2012 9452 views

How do you first start off to get into an acting career?

I am grade 9 in high school trying to become a actress in hollywood. How do i start off the process? #acting #experience #actor #theater #actress

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