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Karnal, Haryana, India

Within 40 mile radius
Kalyani’s Avatar
Kalyani Jan 25 340 views

Wat is the best way to accept international payments?

I am a freelancer and have a foreign client. As they don't use UPI, which is the most preferred way here in India, they do direct bank transfers which are slow and they deduct 5% from the transaction. I want to gain knowledge of different ways of accepting and sending payments without or with...

Karampreet’s Avatar
Karampreet Aug 07, 2023 377 views

Coaching for neet 2025 ?

I am pursuing 12 . And i wanna appear neet 2025. So i decided to take a drop for preparation.. But i don't know from where should i take coaching.. From which Institute and from chandigarh or kota?.. And i want to take coaching which is affordable as i am from middle class family...

Karampreet’s Avatar
Karampreet Jul 31, 2023 554 views

What to do after 12? Neet or bsc honors in botany?

I am in 12th now.. Well, i am totally blank about what i want to do after 12th. Should i go for neet or should i go for honors in botany? I don't know what to do. I am thinking that i should go for neet once and then if i got in mbbs its ok.. But I don't know about mbbs in detail.. What is the...

Kalyani’s Avatar
Kalyani Feb 21, 2023 338 views

What is the maximum limit of earning working as a programmer under certain company in india?

What I have heard is having 7 years of experience one can earn around 1.5lakhs per month. What if working for 15, 20 .. years. Or I still think Had completed this much number of years.?Do they remain a programmer or they gets a chance of becoming higher authority or something
Please Elaborate

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Kalyani Jan 26, 2023 429 views

Can I became a programmer with B.A ?

Does it require degree with skill as well..
And can one handle graphic designing with programming

Kalyani’s Avatar
Kalyani Jan 15, 2023 401 views

I am new born Graphic Designer and I do want to know about web designing What is web designing, web development and what are UI/UX development?

Please explain in detail and in simplest way possible

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hitesh Jul 11, 2021 387 views

how much hour study is important in ca foundation.


Pawni’s Avatar
Pawni Jun 29, 2021 817 views

Why do i want to join this internship

This is Pawni. I am 10 grader who, irrespective of an early age, wants to instate something irrelevant in life that has not been expected of me. I possess the potential and has the courage to do something . The foremost thing I love is that I love to present myself; my views; my ideology to the...

Sujal’s Avatar
Sujal May 08, 2021 498 views

i am in class 12 and i have opted commerce and

#tech after that i want to go in line of business management pls suggest what to do

Amit’s Avatar
Amit Jul 29, 2020 549 views

How should i approach the firm as grower as well as marketing personnel as both are two different side type of work?

I want to learn the marketing skills as for a business to be sucessful marketing is one of the most important thing.
I want to learn the details of vertical farming as a grower as a want to start my own farm
#business #expert

Amit’s Avatar
Amit Jul 29, 2020 508 views

I want to learn hydroponics so what should be my approach start a small or miniature project or to work under some farm and gain experience

I am an agriculture graduate, i have worked as a greenhouse manager for 6months lost the job due to covid, my dream is to start my vertical farm, but i have very small amount of 5-7k as my saving, so should i learn hydroponics by experimenting on my own orshould i gain experience through...

Amit’s Avatar
Amit Jul 01, 2019 558 views

How could I make my career in CEA(controlled environment agriculture)

Hydroponics, aeroponics, container farming, Indoor Farming #career

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