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Odin, IL

Within 40 mile radius
Katherine’s Avatar
Katherine Apr 05 433 views

how do i earn money while i'm in 7th grade? because i want to be able to buy dresses and shoes?

I'm in 7th grade and I'm 13 and need help getting money so that i can buy the things that i want!

Brooklyn’s Avatar
Brooklyn Jul 11, 2023 189 views

How do you start you collage career online ?

i’ve always wanted to graduate college but not go anywhere to do it. i want to do online so i can stay in the comfort of my own home and learn about my major.

Mekenzie’s Avatar
Mekenzie Sep 01, 2017 602 views

What are some good study tips?

#study #studying-tips

Kelsi’s Avatar
Kelsi May 27, 2016 1170 views

Does the name of a college affect the influence behind the degree you may earn?

I understand that there are huge differences in Ivy League schools. However, if I am planning on attending a regular university, does the name of the university carry as much weight and does it affect my degree? #professor #graduate #academic-advising #college #college-selection

Kelsi’s Avatar
Kelsi May 27, 2016 1142 views

Would it be considered illogical to pursue a career in art while I attend college due to the fact that the world seems to be focused on technological and scientific advances as opposed to artistic abilities?

I absolutely love everything about art! It is perhaps one of my biggest passions. While I do want to pursue my dreams, I want to also be able to survive in the world.

Minh’s Avatar
Minh May 08, 2016 813 views

What can I do with an Astrophysics dilopma?

I am interested in becoming an astrophysicist, however I do not know what kind of job I can do. #astronomy #astrophysics

Aria ’s Avatar
Aria Aug 12, 2014 1454 views

I'm a computer programming student with a heart for web design. Is there a big demand for web designers out in the real world?

I love creating something with the lines of code. It's almost like creating a digital poem that's going to mean something one day. I love web design. It's what I want to do with my life. #computer-programming

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