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Warri, Delta, Nigeria

Within 40 mile radius
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Iruoghene May 24 262 views

What can one read in law,that is related to being a flight attendant

I just finished 12 grade,I love arts related subjects,I love helping and interacting with people and I am jovial,presentable,inquisitive and love cultural dynamity

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Deborah Jan 23 658 views
Deborah’s Avatar
Deborah Dec 20, 2023 542 views

Why do some US and Canadian medical schools not accept international students? I was making some research on some medical schools but I noticed that most of them don't admit international students? If I obtain my bachelor's degree in a US or Canadian university, would I still be considered an international student who is ineligible to get into those particular medical schools. Or could I get in like other US/Canadian citizens if I attend undergraduate school there?

I just graduated from secondary school.

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