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I want to become a mechanical engineer, emphasis on Aerospace. What classes should I take while in High School?

Updated Boise, Idaho

I've been thinking about having an emphasis on robotics, but I'm having trouble picking my classes for high school.
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3 answers

Thai’s Answer

Updated Fairfax, Virginia

My degree is in Electrical, but have many friends who did machanical and aerospace. Here's my recommendation from most important to least:

  1. Physics and Calculus
  2. Chemistry and Computer Science
  3. Statistics and Electronics

Charlie’s Answer

Updated Houston, Texas

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As an experienced engineer with many industrial and educational experiences, I would recommend that for aerospace, please focus on calculus and statistics first, physics and chemistry next. The calculus and statistics will unlock many paths for you once you are in physics and chemistry. Aerospace is both broad and specific touching many classical fields so the calculus and statistics give you a sense of broad skills making you more successful in more specific course work in the sciences later. That is what I did with good success and that is my advice for you too! Good Luck!

Charlie recommends the following next steps:

  • Let me know what you decide!
How important is taking statistics for engineering? Is Calculus or Statistics more important? Thanks again!

G. Mark’s Answer


You'll need a wide range of subjects in science and technology. Mainly, you'll want to study mechanical engineering, of course, and the support classes that will require, including math from algebra to calculus. You'll need electronics, physics and, of course, you wouldn't be able to get much done in today's technology without computers. I would recommend not only the basic computer science classes, but also computer engineering, including architecture, operating systems and the like. And today, I would look for some classes on Global Engineering Process, Business and Artificial Intelligence with Machine Learning. A great addition is any class that requires that you build some project on a team. Side benefit -- it's lots of fun and it's likely what you'll end up doing for most of your career. Knowledge is a lot more useful if you share it.