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Career Questions tagged Filmmaker

Teriyana’s Avatar
Teriyana Nov 26, 2021 303 views

How can I combine therapy and acting/film-making as a career?

I am unsure of how I can pursue a career in acting and becoming a therapist. Do you think pursuing a Masters degree in Drama Therapy can combine the two? The goal: I want to work as a LMFT while making movies about mental health. Any ideas or suggestions? #therapist #therapy #acting # #career...

Hope’s Avatar
Hope Oct 14, 2021 125 views

Is a Filmaker's job as fun as it sounds?

I have autism and my favorite things to do is sing, dance, go for walks and play games talk and watch tv and movies.

Ryan’s Avatar
Ryan Jan 22, 2018 629 views

Is film school helpful for anything other than networking?

Right now I am not planning on going to film school and am very against it because I see it as a huge waste of time and money. The only thing people say it's useful for is networking what else does it have to offer?

#film #filmmaking #filmmaker #filmschool

Kim’s Avatar
Kim Mar 07, 2017 833 views

What's the best and most cost efficient option of Grad school for film / screenwriting students?

I'm months away from graduating with a Bachelor's in Creative Writing and Film & Video Production. My career goal is to become a fiction author and Screenwriter. I'm currently considering several universities to get my Master's in Screenwriting including, Boston University, Loyola...