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Calvin’s Avatar
Calvin Jun 22, 2016 1188 views

What's the difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist?

The terms are often used interchangeably in everyday conversations, so how exactly are they different? #psychology #psychiatry

Calvin’s Avatar
Calvin Jun 04, 2016 1517 views

How long does a Master's degree in Psychology take?

I've heard 2-3 years for most people, but never got a definite number. Can it take longer than 3 years? #psychology #graduate-school #masters #graduate-programs

Luisa ’s Avatar
Luisa May 24, 2016 2556 views

Is psychology really a dead major in most people's opinion?

I love psychology, and I really want to learn everything about it! But I've heard there's not much to do with that major but become a psychiatrist, which may be an option, but I'd like to explore and know more. #psychology #teacher

emily’s Avatar
emily May 15, 2016 829 views

What should I focus on when choosing what field of psychology I want to go into?

There are so many opportunities and different career paths, it makes it hard to focus on just one. #psychology

Denale’s Avatar
Denale May 14, 2016 906 views


What are the different specialty areas in psychology? #psychology #moral-psychology

Steph’s Avatar
Steph May 13, 2016 1068 views

What does the daily life of a typical clinical psychologist entail?

My ultimate goal is to be a clinical psychologist because I'm very concerned about the stigma against treating mental health (and mental health itself) and wish to help those who are suffering from mental health problems. It'd be nice to know how my future may look like :)

Dorean’s Avatar
Dorean May 13, 2016 1243 views

What type of work would a person who has a Clinical Psychology Degree be doing?

I am interested in majoring in Psychology but I am not sure if I want to do Psychology, General or a more specific branch such a Growth and Development or Clinical #psychology #clinical-psychology #therapists #social-psychology #child-psychology #school-psychology #moral-psychology

Jesse’s Avatar
Jesse May 12, 2016 948 views

With my growing interest in counselling, and psychology being a broad major, in what area I should focus my attention when choosing a related minor?

I have grown an immense interest in this major as I have always been a very reserved and quiet person, sort of a people watcher from time to time and its something that I feel I would excel at. I have every intention of finishing with a doctorate and applying my knowledge to my career path and...

Brilynn’s Avatar
Brilynn May 11, 2016 837 views

What kind of job would someone who majored in Forensic Psychology look for and what would a normal work week look like?

I am interested in majoring in psychology for college, more specifically forensic but I am not sure what that job field would look like and what a normal week would look like. I would really be interested in doing something that involves deciding whether or not a person is clinically insane or...

Angel’s Avatar
Angel Feb 24, 2016 987 views

Can someone be a psychologist if they have been diagnosed with some sort of brain disorder such as depression?

just wondering. #psychology #psychological-assessment

Brooke’s Avatar
Brooke Nov 25, 2015 5783 views

What steps do I actually have to take in order to get a master's degree?

No one really ever talks to me about college and now it's getting closer and I have no clue what to do.. I want to get my master's degree in psychology but I don't know if I have to earn a bachelor's first then I can get a master's by adding two additional years.. I guess no one has ever...