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Andrew May 13, 2020 495 views

How to find vacancies in Teacher Training assistance?

Musician and Performer, professional of over 30 years. #music #teacher #teaching #education

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Christopher May 15, 2020 324 views

Any advice on how to build a research resume during the lockdown?

I'm a neuroscience and psychology student trying to get into research. My plans for this summer (interships/jobs) were postponed or cancelled. An #research #psychology #biology y advice on some alternate ways I can build my research experience during the summer?

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Paige Apr 22, 2020 270 views

how long will i have to go to college to become a peditrician? and what schools will be best for me to go to to get a good education?

i love taking care of people, just knowing that im helping them feel better makes me feel better as a person. especially kids, i love helping them feel better and to see a smile on there face, and to just know that they are happy #college #education #nursing

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Afolabi Apr 07, 2020 499 views

Coaching Academy

Please how can I get into a coaching academy in the UK #coaching