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anabella P. Mar 06 92 views

Can you pay tuition in parts?

I like to read and write and I love animals. I have a sister....


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malu J. May 26 378 views

How do I know if a community college or University is right for me?

I don't know where I want to go now, so many people have different opinions and they're helpful, but, I am just getting more confused, can someone give me some tips on finding what is right for me? #college #undecided...


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Marie E. May 27 142 views

How much money does a RN make?

I am a little between careers...


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Isabelle B. Jun 03 197 views

As someone who has no idea as to what they want to do besides going to college, would you recommend majoring in liberal arts?

I have many interests, such as literature, art, criminology, psychology, fitness and health. However, I have yet to decide what I want to do as a career. I plan to explore each of these in my last year of high school as well as my first couple years of my four year college. I have been told...

#college-major #liberalarts #college

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Catherine T. Jun 09 420 views

Should I go into bussiness or medicine

I change my mind a lot and want to do something that is I enjoy every day. I feel that business is broad and it is so much you can do with a business major, however, being a doctor is so straightforward because having a medical degree is just being a doctor. I have always wanted to be a doctor...

#premed #doctor #healthcare #marketing #medical #medicine #business