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Divya Dec 13, 2023 601 views

Are doctors really earning less?

It's been a good while since I asked my last question. I am now almost done with my A levels and will hopefully be in medical school for my MBBS degree next year. While I am not pursuing medicine for the pay, but rather because it is a true passion of mine and something I would be delighted to...

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Divya Apr 20, 2021 692 views

Which A-levels should I choose for medicine?

My GCSEs are almost done with and I have to choose my A-levels soon. I've already decided on taking biology and chemistry for my first two options, and maybe psychology as a third option because I think it's related to medicine and can help me. My fourth option is giving me quite a bit of a...

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Divya Jun 11, 2020 1060 views

How do I become a surgeon in the UK?

I'm doing my GCSEs currently, and am questioning how to become a surgeon in the UK or similar countries. Where will I go after I finish my A levels?

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Divya Jun 11, 2020 1067 views

How do I become a surgeon?

I'm in the first year of my GCSEs, and I'm a little confused about how to become a practising surgeon. What are the elaborate steps I need to take?

#doctor #medicine #surgery #surgeon #healthcare #college #premed #school