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Lillian H. Jun 05, 2020 235 views

I am planning to be an Acoustic Engineer in the future, so I can use both of my music, math, and science skills. What is/are the best major(s) for this field?

I am a rising junior and as of now, I am planning to major in Physics in college. I am wondering if this would be good for the career. #career #science #engineering #music...


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Jessica H. Jul 08, 2020 184 views

What prompted you to become a nurse?

I love being around babies and I want to be able to work with them in the future. #nurse #registered-nurses...


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Khizer I. Jul 22, 2020 211 views

What’s the best career in technology?

I enjoy a lot of aspects of technology. But I also enjoy being outdoors and not stuck behind a desk. #career #future...


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sarah L. Jul 29, 2020 83 views

How much experience is needed for vet school?

#july20 What activities should I have to improve my...