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Chance Sep 29, 2020 222 views

How hard is it to get into the sneaker industry?

I am into sneakers and sneaker reselling and was wondering how hard is it to come up as an individual buying, trading, and selling sneakers. And what is the process to coming up from sneakers? Is it selling to friends, online, or to shoe stores? And where is the best place to purchase authentic...

Sammy’s Avatar
Sammy Sep 21, 2020 284 views

How many patients do you deal everyday and what situations do you deal with?


Hally’s Avatar
Hally Sep 30, 2020 311 views

How long dos it take to be a nurse practitioner?

#medicine #nurse

Natalia’s Avatar
Natalia Oct 01, 2020 1106 views

What do you all think about getting work experience before an MBA? Is it necessary?

#business #career advice #career #future #graduate school

Tess’s Avatar
Tess Apr 18, 2019 614 views

How can I complete medical school while working?

I want to be a doctor, but worry about the financial burden of undergraduate and medical school. I am an independent student financially supporting myself. I am looking for tips on how to find a job with flexible hours and navigating school requirements. #doctor #medicine #premed...

Chloe’s Avatar
Chloe Sep 30, 2020 369 views

What was the most difficult part of your path to being apart of this career?

#career-path #medicine #medschool #doctor #careerpaths #college

Crystal’s Avatar
Crystal May 07, 2018 499 views

How to choose what area of specialty for an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner?

I will be attending school in the fall for an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner. The question I commonly keep getting asked is where I want to work with that degree. I find myself saying I don't know a lot and expressing that I hope it's like nursing school where I just kind of find out along the...

Mary’s Avatar
Mary Oct 08, 2019 309 views

How long it will take to be a CMA?

I am Lily 18 years old, currently at Job Corps, I will be taking a Clinical Medical Assistant and I have a question regarding the trade that I will take.

#medicine #CMA #ClinicalMedicalAssistant #healthcare

Krishna’s Avatar
Krishna Sep 24, 2020 784 views

What does a day in a pediatric doctors life look like?

I want to be in the medical field. I have not decided if that look like being a doctor for me or a surgeon. I also love working with kids and I feel as if this is a career that I would love but, want to know more about. #hospital #healthcare #childcare