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Sean P. Jan 16, 2018 341 views

Making money while attending college

I'm starting college soon so I wanted to know what are some ways to generate some money while attending(besides the obvious part time job). I don't want to miss any opportunities by not asking and hope to widen my perspective on what can be done. Thank you #college #college-job...


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Marla C. Aug 23, 2018 292 views

How do I narrow down my options on what career path to follow?

I am a senior in #high-school and have a variety of preferences for education,coaching, and psychology . #career-choice All of my options make me want to take all #career-paths...

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Adam R. Oct 27, 2020 52 views

How would I work toward becoming a custodial engineer?

I am 18 and a recent graduate, looking into custodial work...


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Mykah S. Nov 13, 2020 100 views

#GivingisCaring because I want this for my 23 year old son that has 28 high school credit to succeed.

What options does Mykah have? #givingiscaring he wants his #high school diploma and we are building a computer at moment we need help. I need SSI bc limited mobility but I'm getting it done. Whom I ask can assist us in all things diploma and financial assistance and building a computer? For his...

#tech #career-choice

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Katherine L. Nov 18, 2020 164 views

What is your favorite thing about your job?

I have lots of interests, and have been trying to narrow down what I want to do, but it's a daunting task to figure out what I want to do for the rest of my life at such a young age. Right now, all I want to know is what you all love most about your jobs! And the soul searching can start a...

#general #community