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Madison Jan 16, 2018 652 views

Best Way to Become an Editor?

I want to be a novel editor, but my family thinks it's too wild of a career goal and I'll be a "starving artist" simply because I want an English degree. With a major in English and a minor in creative writing, is that a good choice to help me land a job in a publishing company? And does it...

Brianna’s Avatar
Brianna Nov 05, 2020 317 views

what are something's about being a lawyer

I am a 9th grader i want to be a lawyer #attorney #lawyer

Daniela’s Avatar
Daniela Nov 05, 2020 346 views

What are some possible alternative jobs I can go into if being a film director is not what I want later in life, but still want to be in the film industry?

I am a 12th grader and I love the behind the scenes of movies. My favorite kind of movies are sci-fi and action. I am currently taking a class about film and I am enjoying the class a lot. #film #director

darnell’s Avatar
darnell Nov 05, 2020 412 views

How do I narrow down my career choices

I want to be a cop or a fireman. Im also really interested in being a real estate but i have no idea how to start it off #future #career #college

ronldo’s Avatar
ronldo Oct 27, 2020 293 views

Did you ever feel like quitting or not trying because you could be the best or get to where you are right now?

Hello, I am a student from Whitmore lake Middle and Highschool. I am doing an assignment where I search up jobs I like and ask questions. #FamilyMedicinePhysician #college

Ray’s Avatar
Ray Oct 14, 2019 531 views

Editors and publishers- what was your major?

I've heard that English is too broad and journalism is dying. Are these true? What did you major in to become an editor or publisher? I intend to major in psychology, but I am looking to dual major or minor in some kind of English. Can I still get a career as a publisher or editor if I just...

Jade’s Avatar
Jade Jul 31, 2020 848 views

What skills are the most desirable in a book editor?

I'm about to be a senior in college. I love college, and I try my hardest in classes, job, and extracurricular activities to develop as a person. I hope that the things I am learning help with being a book editor. What qualities do think are vital to being a good book editor? #JULY20...

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Ryleigh Nov 09, 2020 293 views

what's the first step to becoming a flight attendant

I'm a freshmen in high school and I'm looking into jobs # #high-school

Hope’s Avatar
Hope Nov 06, 2020 571 views

I'm in the 12th grade and I'm beginning to explore my future career.

I'm a high school student wanting to explore my future and career. #job #college #future