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Valerie May 17, 2018 573 views

If I were to pursue a major in creative writing, what kind of job opportunities would that open up?

I'm asking this because I am uncertain of the type of jobs that make a major in creative writing useful. #creative-writing #college-major #college-advice #job-search

Amber’s Avatar
Amber Aug 29, 2018 470 views

How to write a good personal statement?

Applying for college application is stressful. How to I think of good answers to essay questions? #college #creative-writing

Daniella’s Avatar
Daniella Jul 25, 2020 525 views

Are recruiters looking more into creative (colorful) or formal (black and white) resumes?

I am a current student looking into applying for social media marketing jobs and other positions in the marketing field. I have had submitted my minimalistic creative resume but I have always been curious if one option is better than the other in the eyes of a recruiter. Oh, and how do we know...

Christie’s Avatar
Christie Nov 09, 2020 364 views

I really have no clue what I should do for my career. Any suggestions?

I love to read and I love to write. I would love to be a writer but I think my best shot at getting close to that would to become an editor. I am a division 1 college gymnast and I want to try to become a stunt performer for film but these career choices are not very reliable at all....

Dimarco’s Avatar
Dimarco May 18, 2016 582 views

With most of you being fashion gurus, would you prefer promoting an underground fashion line or partnering with mainstream designers?

I ask this question because there are more underground, up and coming fashion designers who, in my opinion, have better taste than many of today's mainstream designers. Sometimes I wonder if it's all about the money or actually using your expertise and knowledge to help those underground...