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Megan M. Jun 24, 2020 258 views

What are the career pathways for those who are interested in chemistry and molecular biology?

I'm a rising high school junior and I am understanding career pathways in order to choose a major suited to my interests. Thank you! chemistry biology molecular-biology biochemistry...


Elizabeth H.’s Avatar
Elizabeth H. Nov 19, 2020 427 views

Which online learning communities would you recommend for gaining more business knowledge?

I am an accounting student, who would like to find an online learning community that would help me broaden my business knowledge, such as analytics, software programs, finances, economics, and other nonaccounting areas of business. I am very interested in this information at an international...

international analytics business economics

Aayushi P.’s Avatar
Aayushi P. Dec 15, 2020 402 views

I want to drop out from college and wanna do something else. Should i go for it?

I have completed 2 years of my college,3 more were left but now i have started to realise that this is not the career for me, what should i do? career colleges dropout career-choice career-advice...