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Clerkship Director at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Educational Instruction and Library Occupations
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
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zeinab’s Avatar
zeinab Oct 10, 2017 1052 views

How many years does it take to become an eye doctor?

i want to become an eye doctor but im not sure how many years it takes to complete that. #medicine #eye-care #eye-doctor #doctor #optometry

Amy’s Avatar
Amy Aug 19, 2016 904 views

Is it worth going through the long years of medical school and residency along with the expenses to become a pediatrician?

I have heard that once you graduate out of medical school and finish your residency, you are in debt and it is often hard to find a job opening. Is this true? #pediatrics #pediatrician #medical-school #medical-education #student-loans #debt

Duaa’s Avatar
Duaa Oct 18, 2016 881 views

How to begin to shadow?

Hello, I am a pre-med student (freshman in college) and I am really worried about not being able to gain shadowing experience because whenever I ask someone how they shadowed they're like "My parents know doctors" and my family don't really know doctors and I feel like that's the only way...

Keaira’s Avatar
Keaira Oct 18, 2016 817 views

What should you study to get into medical school

I want to know what I should study when I take the test #doctor #medicine #healthcare #university -education #general-surgery #helping-people

Brice’s Avatar
Brice Oct 21, 2016 1024 views

What would you tell a high school/college student who has goals of attending Medical School but isn't sure what to specialize in?

I am a high school student with goals of attending Medical School and eventually specializing in Orthopedics. #doctor #medicine -school -education #sports-medicine #family-medicine #alternative-medicine

Justin’s Avatar
Justin Jul 29, 2016 975 views

What do I need to study to become a surgeon?

I would like to know what you should take in college to become a surgeon. #medical-education