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Alex Feb 17, 2021 1928 views

What does it take to become a Scientist?

This is another kind of career I'd like to study one day. If I want to become a Scientist for my future, what do I need to learn? Like what degree do I need? Or where could be a perfect college? Because I'm planning to learn about some Chemistry, Anatomy, and mostly Technology Science. #science...

Alex’s Avatar
Alex Jan 19, 2021 621 views

How can I sign up for a class remotely at Harper College?

I'm not entirely able to apply for a class at Harper College. I just graduated last year, and I had a plan on going there in person, but, there's a pandemic in the way. So, I was wondering if remote classes are available, because I'm planning on doing at least two classes remotely, such as...

Anahi R’s Avatar
Anahi R Aug 30, 2019 479 views

How hard is working on your own having a rig already?

My name is Anahi, I am 18 years old with 4 (highschool) years of welding experience. I am currently working on getting my certificates. As a girl, I wonder if it is viewed differently by employers and if working on your own is really a good choice. #welding #career #certificates #oilfield

Petunie’s Avatar
Petunie Feb 11, 2021 609 views

Are there good job opportunities right after undergrad?

As of right now, I am interested in majoring in chemical engineering or mathematics in college. #engineering #math #jobs #college