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Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
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Divya Nov 04, 2016 975 views

I want to become a lawyer?

because i like lawyer and i like speak so i ask this question. #biologist

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Divya Jun 29, 2016 748 views

which is the study of flim making?

for my career #teaching

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Divya May 19, 2016 1049 views

what are the steps to learn/study the heart?

I'm interested in human biology. #cardiology #science #biology #higher-education

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Divya May 03, 2016 988 views

i have more ability to teacher its true

because i like my teacher #teach #books #ticket-sales

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Divya Apr 29, 2016 885 views

What should be done to improve English grammar ?

I love english very much #mobile-app #b2b-marketing #whitewater-kayaking

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Divya Apr 26, 2016 4062 views

how to became a good financier?

I like be a financier