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Kevin Contello

Manage Software Engineering & Data Analytics
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Austin, Texas
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austin Mar 27, 2019 1053 views

What programs/ software should I be using?

#computer-software #software-development #software #technology #software-engineer

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Keerthana Jun 03, 2016 704 views

which is the best college for studing software engineering

for studing software engineer #doctor #teacher

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Yelizaveta Jan 17, 2018 824 views

How to narrow down your field ?

I'm majoring in Bio-engineering but it's such a big field that I'm not entirely sure of what subset I want to go into. I really like genetics and animals are there any possible fields that would involve those ? #bioengineering #engineering #college-major #stem #academic-advising #career-advice

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Aun Mar 03, 2020 790 views

What Would a Typical Day of a Machine Learning Engineer Consist of, and How Does it Compare to Other Engineering Fields?

After looking at most of my choices, I believe that my interests lie in software engineering, hardware engineering, mechanical engineering, and machine learning engineer. I've always been told that a role as a machine learning is quite complex, and can often be handled by very few individuals...