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Alyssa’s Avatar
Alyssa Apr 14, 2021 429 views

Straight out of college were you able to get a job in the career you wanted?

I'm a high school student thinking about going into dentistry and i'm not sure how it's like to get a job in that profession #career

paul’s Avatar
paul May 07, 2021 450 views

how to be a automotive mechanics?


Beth’s Avatar
Beth May 08, 2021 670 views

Where do Psychologist work?


Debora’s Avatar
Debora May 09, 2021 532 views

Job ideas for artist designer?

I a self-taught Artist and recently earned a Digital Media Graphic Design AS degree. I'm 35 yrs old and I have done many jobs in my lifetime but need guidance finding careers that fit my interest, abilities, and field of study. Thanks #graphic-design #artist #graphics #photography

Dj’s Avatar
Dj Oct 15, 2019 387 views

Where else can a master mechanic take his skills other than a company?

I am a automotive student at job corps, just looking for insight from a professional. #career

Adriana’s Avatar
Adriana Jan 23, 2018 1063 views

Going into the graphic design field, is it better to be an expert in one design area or be a beginner in all design areas?

Going into the graphic design industry, I want to better understand if I want to be hired if I should focus on one aspect of design to improve my skills or try all areas of design but not further improving past beginner stage. For companies hiring, who would they hire in this situation: the...

Maureen’s Avatar
Maureen Feb 08, 2021 1272 views

How do you become a graphic designer with a full time job?

I took a few GD classes in college and have done a few jobs for friends but, I have a long ways to go. I want to become a graphic designer and get out of my sales position. It is hard because I also have to pay rent and do not want to go back to college. Any advice? #graphic-design...

Grace’s Avatar
Grace Apr 19, 2021 863 views

How do I get a job in graphic design that focuses more on illustration?

I am in my third year of college with a major in graphic design and a minor in marketing. I would like to focus more on digital illustration rather than logo or web design. How would I go about presenting myself to a prospective job? What should I expect from the work environment? What will the...