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Tatiane Lima

Journalist, copywriter, content producer and community manager
Communication, publicity and advertising, marketing and editorial
Santos, SP
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Eli’s Avatar
Eli Oct 04, 2022 281 views

What to do as a writer?

I have thought about attempting to be a professional writer after high school, what do you suggest, how do you deal with writers block, how do you come up with new and original ideas, how do I properly balance writing and self care?

Hope’s Avatar
Hope Mar 02, 2022 209 views

What degree do I need to have to be a writer?

#writing #degree

Clory’s Avatar
Clory Mar 02, 2022 221 views

How to Receive Copywriting Feedbacks

I've just started to learn how to do copywriting. I read some books in the past months and I've subscribed to some newsletters and Youtube channels that feature this topic. With these content I was able to learn more about marketing techniques, human psychology and behavior. I've tried writing...

Xiaohui’s Avatar
Xiaohui Oct 05, 2021 327 views

I wonder to know what is the purpose to finding a job?

I was a high school student and interested on writing. I enjoyed to write during the free time.

Nathan’s Avatar
Nathan May 03, 2021 256 views

what is business marketing?

I have aspirations to becoming my own boss, owning a lot business. #BUSNIESSMEN

Racinda’s Avatar
Racinda May 19, 2016 801 views

What is the difference between a data journalist, graphics, CAR, news applications, etc?

I have realized as my interest has grown larger and larger for journalism that there are many different types. And also many different areas of journalism one may branch off into. I'm wondering what makes each of them different or so significant to the profession, that I may further educate...