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Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
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DD Oct 29, 2021 482 views

What to choose?

Having an interest of being a part of the Banking Industry and wanting to excel in there , Which of the majors today would help me achieve it the best , considering the Future and its needs and requirements ?
#finance #business

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DD Sep 28, 2021 465 views

Blockchain with MBA

I am a Business student doing my Bachelor of Business Administration as of now and planning a career in the Banking industry . Pretty recently had I come across certain news about some softwares like BITCOIN , CRYPTOCURRENCY , BLOCKCHAIN and so to be replacing the Banking industry totally ,...

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DD Aug 30, 2021 740 views

Aviation in the future

I am a student in the business administration track but has always been very passionate of becoming a pilot in the commercial stream
May I know how the opportunities for becoming a pilot be in the future if I ever plan on becoming one ? #aviation #airline-industry

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DD Aug 28, 2021 1238 views

Pilot after BBA

I was a science student with Math , Physics and Chemistry as my main subjects in 11th and 12th but I had chosen BBA for my undergrad . Is there a possibility I can go to become a Commercial pilot after my BBA? #pilot #airline-industry

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DD Jul 28, 2021 453 views


Are both University of Michigan , Ann Arbor and Dearborn equally amazing? #university

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DD Jul 25, 2021 550 views

business degree

How is the University of Michigan for business administration? #business-management #university

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DD Jul 25, 2021 536 views

University feedback

May I know about the University of Michigan in all facets please? #university #college-admissions

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DD Jul 19, 2021 778 views

Business as a career

Do MBAs from highly notable universities like Stanford , Harvard , etc . add to the salaries you get .
Also , can they help in better promotions alongside your hardwork? #business #college

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DD Jul 18, 2021 854 views

Business Management and Administration

Why is it said that the business courses and professional Opportunities are being oversaturated for ? Is it really true? #business-management #management #business

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DD Jul 05, 2021 660 views

Who am I ?

I am almost clueless and 'goalless', if such a word even exists , and I am also not in a situation where I am accepting my wellwishers' good suggestions about my life . What can I even call myself and What would be the best to do - Continue thinking about why I am not able to identify myself...

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DD Jun 26, 2021 679 views

Business Analytics

Do you think Business Analytics would be an amazing career option for the future?
#business #career

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DD Jun 26, 2021 504 views

Where to go for the Best ?

Which country or place in the world would be the best for business administration as a course and BBA in Business analytics and BBA in Finance to be more precise? #business #finance #business-management

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DD Jun 26, 2021 2561 views

What does a Business analyst do?

I am a high school graduate looking a business analysis in a BBA as an option . I would love to know what the profession of a Business analyst with a BBA degree actually does . #business #management

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DD Jun 25, 2021 737 views

Corporate Law

Is corporate law a good choice as a profession ?
( For someone who is very new to the business environment ) #business #law #lawyer

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DD Jun 25, 2021 1149 views

Finance or Business Analytics

I would love to pursue a degree in Business Administration but not sure majoring which of the above . #business #finance #business-management