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San Francisco, California
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Jason’s Career Goals

My Career goal is to become a stylist or a fashionista and I plan on creating my own brand in the future. I had this interest for quite awhile but I have yet to start so I am here to ask you guys for help!



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Jason Apr 03, 2022 723 views

Do stylists get paid well?

I was wondering how much do stylists (any type of stylist) get paid an hour and how much they would make a yearly / monthly? Is it a stable job that will provide me a future that will allow me to retire early or late?

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Jason Apr 03, 2022 459 views

How do you become a stylist?

When I mean how do you become a stylist, I wondering what the qualifications are to become a stylist. I'm curious about what it takes to become either a fashion stylist or a hairstylist.

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Jason Mar 13, 2022 351 views

What is the first step in becoming a fashion stylist?

I'm currently enrolled in high school in San Francisco and I have deep interest / passion for fashion but currently I have no idea where to begin or where to start. So I'm asking you guys to share some of your fashion experiences!

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Jason Feb 04, 2022 564 views

How can I prepare myself to become a fashion major?

#college-major #professional #fashion #fashion-design

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Jason Feb 04, 2022 932 views

How do you start your own fashion business?

#business #fashion #fashion-design #design #marketing

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Jason Feb 02, 2022 375 views

What are some ways to have a better understanding in fashion nowadays?

#fashion #fashion-design #art

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Jason Oct 05, 2021 480 views

What are some ways that I can do to achieve my goal as a stylist?

I'm still in high school looking for ways to become a stylist.
#fashion #stylist #style

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Jason Oct 05, 2021 586 views

How can I productively spend my free time?

I have no idea what to do with my time so I'm constantly bored. Any Ideas?
#school #education #ideas