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Brianna’s Avatar
Brianna Sep 29, 2021 230 views

How can computer science be useful in jobs that aren't necessarily centered/structured around technology and computers?

#computer-science #technology

Alex’s Avatar
Alex Sep 29, 2021 228 views

If I decide to not get a job in computer science, how will the skills I learned from computer science help me in other fields?

I am in my second year of a computer science pathway. I like it and definitely want to keep learning about it, but I can't be certain that I will work with computer science in my careers in the future. #computer-science

Winnie’s Avatar
Winnie Sep 28, 2021 208 views

How long did it take to get promoted?

I’m 14 independent and rational, I really like to watch shows. #jobs #career

Brock’s Avatar
Brock Sep 30, 2021 220 views

What is your job and why did you choose that career path?

#career-path #career-choice

Akua’s Avatar
Akua Sep 30, 2021 262 views

how can I my own business as beginner?

#entrepreneur #business #finance

Sean’s Avatar
Sean Sep 28, 2021 225 views

What inspired you to pick this job? (For a Software Developer)

I’m in 9th grade and I want to learn more.