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Karla Mar 20 133 views

Which kinds of pests can you find in farms?

I've heard that Locusts can be found but I'm not sure if that's true or not. There are several pests that exist but I don't really know which ones can be found.

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Dylan Mar 20 121 views

What is the best school for agriculture??

A school that will give you more understanding of Agriculture

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edwin Mar 20 107 views

What is the best school from agriculture?

In california

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melissa Mar 20 122 views

What is the best school for agriculture?

In Arizona , to get a bachelors Degree

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Jason Mar 20 133 views

How can you improve in agriculture by being useful ?

trying to find ways to upgrade by working in agriculture

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Adan Mar 20 145 views

Does agriculture require only basic manual labor?

I would like to grow in agriculture but i feel like just taking care of the plants woudn't be exciting enough for me, is there other things that would require harder work to do? Or is it simply just watering plants.

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Alexander Mar 20 102 views

How long and how difficult are college classes for a person who wants to study agriculture?

In Arizona

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Samuel Mar 20 113 views

How many years of education to be in agriculture?

In state of arizona

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Jason Oct 01, 2021 288 views

How should I get started with part time jobs?

I'm a freshman in highschool looking for a part time job. #job

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Griffin Oct 02, 2021 329 views

How do I become an FBI agent / Detective?

I am in my first year of college, with a major of criminal justice. I want to go into Detective work, maybe a homicide detective or even work in the FBI. But I don’t know how to get there. I’m thinking about joining the Army or Air Force reserve here in the next year or so as well. I just don’t...

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Paige Feb 09, 2021 349 views

How do I get good dealing with Ag sales

#internships #agriculture