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Noah S.

Computer and Mathematical Occupations
Baltimore, Maryland
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corey Apr 10, 2019 1219 views

any tips for a new programer

I have the fundamentals down for c++ but I'm looking for advance tips and tricks to make my programs run smoother

#computer-software #programs

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Katrina Nov 30, 2021 573 views

What is it like to dorm in college?

I'm going to college soon and I want to know how it's like to dorm with someone. #college

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Jalen Nov 30, 2021 561 views

How do I stay focused on completing work in a short amount of time?

I tend to lose focus on work that take a lot of steps to complete or find evidence for. I can be easily distracted and I type and write slower than average. Is there any way for me to help finish quickly while getting a good grade on my work? #help

Katrina’s Avatar
Katrina Nov 30, 2021 677 views

How do you balance your school life and personal life?

I will be going to college soon and I was wondering how I can balance school work and my personal life. #college

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Aiden Nov 07, 2021 1606 views

What is important on a resume?

I was wondering what are important things to be put on resumes and what things don't matter
#resume #job-application

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Samuel Oct 19, 2021 584 views

Are there any advancements/promotions in computer programming and if so, what are they?

I am a junior in high school and i am interested in computer programming. I know some python and started learning in c++

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Raymundo Nov 08, 2021 427 views

What are good mentors, youtubers, or podcasts to obtain more knowledge of the stock market?

I know a few about the stock market but I want to be able to have the required amount of knowledge of the stock market to be confident in the investments I will be putting in. #business #career #finance #investment-management

Ramiro’s Avatar
Ramiro Nov 30, 2021 653 views

is it okay to join a college without declaring a major or is it better to choose one even though you are not 100% sure about it

#college-major #college #career #professor #major