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Pilar Torres

Law Enforcement Manager
Management Occupations - Protective Service Occupations
San Mateo, California
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Diego’s Avatar
Diego Dec 09, 2022 473 views

How hard is it to become a Police Officer?

How hard is it to become police chief as a police officer.

How many hours do police officer work.

Graciela’s Avatar
Graciela Dec 09, 2022 506 views

When should an individual start planning for a law career?

It would also be appreciated if you can leave your name, your job title, and what company you work for. Thank you.

genesis’s Avatar
genesis Nov 18, 2022 516 views

Becoming a police officer for a proffession?

What did you do to prepare to go into the criminal justice field?
When did you know this is what you wanted to do?
What was a good course in college you took to help prepare you?
How do you become an officer?

Lonnie’s Avatar
Lonnie Nov 16, 2022 264 views

How do you handle difficult people as a security guard?

Hello, Student from San Jose job corps here. Was wondering how one security guard manages to handle the people that are tough to handle

Zahirah’s Avatar
Zahirah Nov 02, 2022 583 views

What does it take to become a detective in college?

I am a senior at Lighthouse Community Charter Public School in Oakland California. I like to spend time with my family during my free time and be with my friends. For my career, I want to focus in criminology. I want to become a detective and solve cases. One of my skills is solving problems,...

Jasmine’s Avatar
Jasmine Aug 26, 2022 421 views

what would be good places to study criminal justice?

I see so many places but its hard to know which one is better for you.

Corvon’s Avatar
Corvon Jun 10, 2022 422 views

what are the pay for police officer

I heard it 63,150 of media pay is that true and is if i become like a sheriff
do people get the same amount pay as police officer.

Ana’s Avatar
Ana Mar 17, 2022 873 views

what are some pros and cons for a criminal justice career?

I want to know the negative and positive of this career to help me decide and see if i can learn about similar branches

Thomas’s Avatar
Thomas Mar 01, 2022 303 views

I have a question for Maintenance workers how did you get into that field of work and what are some things you like/dislike about it