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Sam Jul 10 290 views

Is it ok to reach out again about application?

I reached out to someone who worked at a company I applied to and they were kind enough to have a video meeting with me through LinkedIn and forward my name to the hiring manager. It was brief but I was thankful they took the time out and we talked a bit about the position and the company. The...

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kellis May 06 189 views

which major dosen't involve math

which major dosen't involve math

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Eddie May 03 170 views

I am a beginning musician. How do I get recognized faster?

I also make music, but writing is my strength. I try to make more and more everyday because it plays a big part with the lyrics. Always try to improve.

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Cayden May 05 265 views

What can help me figure this out

I’m also trying to play football in college,so I want something with sports related in my career.

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Nathan Apr 07 174 views

What is the best part of UCSC?

What is the best part of UCSC?

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Jonathan Apr 15 360 views

Are there benefits to doing extra curricular activities in college?

I know that doing extracurricular activities in high school help with getting into a better college but once I'm in college is there any real benefits that they give me other than personal things?